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Heather Croston "All Is Fair in Love and War" Brooch, sterling silver, 18k gold, ebony, bone, ruby
Sterling Silver, 18 kt Gold, Ebony, Dyed Bone, Ruby
Heather Croston "Serpents Key" necklace, sterling silver, 18k gold, moonstones
Oxidized sterling silver, Moonstone, 18kt Gold
Heather Croston "Waiting for the Return of the Dove" Necklace, sterling silver, ebony, tagua, glass
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Rosewood, Tagua, Glass
Heather Croston "March" Necklace, sterling silver, painted wood
Sterling Silver, Painted Maple,
Heather Croston "Meandering Manders" Necklace, sterling silver, 18k gold, lignum vitae
Sterling silver, carved lignum vitae, 18kt gold
Heather Croston "Blue Bird" Necklace, sterling silver, tagua
Sterling Silver, Tagua
Heather Croston "May Day" Necklace, Sterling Silver, glass beads, tagua, resin
Sterling silver, glass beads, dyed bone, vegetable ivory, 18kt gold
Heather Croston "Dryad" Necklace, sterling silver, copper, ebony, bone, glass beads, thread
Sterling Silver, Copper, Ebony, Bone, Glass Beads